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Cloud Computing – The New Frontier

Brief History of Cloud Computing?
What is cloud computing? You might have come across this term but are unsure of what it means and how will it impact the computer world as we know it. It’s not a brand-new technology; its earliest mention was in 1977 by ARPANET and CSNET in 1981, both predecessors of the internet. It was popularized by in 2006 when it released its Elastic Compute Cloud.

Escalation of Cloud Computing
Android phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops all have limited storage capacities. If you want to increase the storage space, you have to pay to get a bigger hard drive or memory card. They also have a limit. Just store 500 favorite pictures, a few movies, and you will be back to square one. You will be running out of storage space!

Today, users not only store important documents, but their thirst for storing videos, music, movies, and other digital paraphernalia has skyrocketed. Today, even 100GB seems to be measly storage to a user.

This is where cloud computing comes in handy; you can subscribe and buy storage space, and if you need more space, just pay more, and your storage capacity is increased. You don’t have to buy a bigger hard drive or a memory card and transfer all your memorabilia on it.


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